Remain at Peace

1463762101541[1]Happy Friday, guys!  Today, I wanted to talk about how valuable your peace is.  We’ve all heard what the negative affects of stress are and how it can take a toll on your health and well-being.  This is where I started to realize how important it is to protect your peace.  Being at peace doesn’t necessarily mean that things are quiet around you, or that there aren’t challenges you’re facing.  Being at peace means that you aren’t shaken by the things around you.  No matter what is said to you or about you, no matter what others may do to make things difficult for you, you aren’t shaken.

Throughout the last several months, everyone I know, including my ex-husband, have told me that they can see I’m at peace.  Now, obviously things weren’t all peaches and roses; I was going through some things.  In the middle of a divorce, without a savings, in the middle of drastic home repairs…. things weren’t great on the outside.  But despite all that, I felt sound.  Unshaken.  Happy.  At peace.  I don’t believe peace comes from great willpower or wishful thinking.  I could’ve wished my house fixed all I wanted, but that would not have made it happen.

It helped a great deal to get rid of the stressors in my life.  Do you have any friends or family members that only call when they need something?  Or feel the need to put you down instead of encourage and uplift you?  Literally a peace-sucker?  If that stresses you out and robs you of your peace, then that person’s position in your life needs to change.  Don’t associate with the things that take from your life. Your peace is valuable.  Protect it.

The biggest factor though in preserving my peace is my faith.  My peace comes from knowing the Lord fights my battles…. knowing that I can rest and let the Lord work.  That’s how I’ve been able to relax in the middle of a storm – resting in the Lord.  That’s how you remain at peace.

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