It’s Not Too Late

1464960505276[1]Hi guys! I wanted to leave a quick note for Life Tip Fridays today. No matter where you are in life today, it’s not too late to do better or to get what you’ve wanted. I never pictured myself as one day being a divorced, single mom, but I had to learn that this isn’t all I am. It doesn’t define who I am. And just because I’m single today doesn’t mean that I’ll be single always. That was a big pill for me to swallow, because for some reason, I’ve been thinking I missed my chance to one day have a healthy, happy marriage because I had a failed marriage, and the reality is….that’s just NOT true. It also means that I don’t have to change or lower my standards for what I’d like in a husband. I thought that because I’ve already been married, I can’t expect to have the same qualities in a partner that I wanted before. Well, of course I can! Why not? Being a divorced, single mom doesn’t mean that I need to settle in my future because of a failure in my past. Making a mistake doesn’t mean it’s the end. It means you’re starting a new chapter in your life’s book. You may need to dust off those pages and make some edits, but NEVER forget…’s not too late. So, the Lord has picked me back up, and I’m holding my head high. I may be making some edits as I write this next chapter, but I’m smiling as I move forward.