Toast It!

Hey Everyone! So, my 6 year old son decided to question me in a new way the other day, and I just had to share. I had just finished making him breakfast, but wasn’t very hungry myself. So, I just made myself some toast and drizzled honey on top. My son gets up from the table, and asked what I was doing.

I told him I was making some toast. He says ‘no Mom, that’s just bread’. I told him that I had toasted bread in the toaster and now it was toast…. but he insisted this was just bread. Again, I explained that the toaster heated my bread and now my bread was toast. Then, he looks at me and says….’Mom, that’s not toast…it’s just hot bread’. **INSERT BLANK LOOK HERE** I wanted to challenge him again, but couldn’t think of a better comeback, HA! Little man is a little quicker than me in this department…. Although, a little later, I explained the purpose of a toaster, and I think we’ve come to an agreement on what toast is.

Do your little ones challenge you about what you’re eating like this? I’d love to read your stories!