Dollar Tree Spotlight – Bathroom Trash Bags

Up next in the Dollar Tree Spotlight are these 4-gallon trash bags. I use these in the small bins in my bathrooms. They’re big enough to fit all the small trash and tissues generated from getting ready every morning, and small enough to be a great chore for my 6-yr old. He’s responsible for taking the trash out of the bathroom every week… win-win!

4-gallon Scented Trash Bags

I’ve only found these in the lemon and rose scents in my local stores, but have seen vanilla, fresh mountain, and lavender offered on the Dollar Tree website. One pack of 50 bags lasts me about 6 months per bathroom since my son takes the trash out twice a week. So, for less than $5 (including tax), I’ve got scented trash bags for both bathrooms for an entire year. These are great for a tight budget.

I normally grocery shop with reusable bags, but if you get plastic bags, you could reuse those as your bathroom trash bags – more of a free option since you’re not buying a new set of bags. Add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball or piece of tissue or paper towel, and place that at the bottom of your bag to make it scented. I like to do this with the kitchen trash bags as well.

Hope you give these a try!