I Know What I’m Talking About…

My son really cracks me up sometimes. The older he’s gotten, the more his humor has changed, and it’s actually pretty entertaining. A few nights ago,

we were getting ready for him to take a bath when I noticed some dry skin. My Mom has worked in the medical field, so I said ‘let’s call Nana to make sure this isn’t something else’. My son says, ‘you don’t have to do that, Mom. It’s just dry skin’. So, naturally, I call my Mom anyway (high-five if you’re an adult that still needs your Mom sometimes!). Mom/Nana takes a look and says it’s no big deal – just a little dry skin and to put some Vaseline on that area. So, now, here comes my son…. ‘see Mom. I told you it was just dry skin’. I look at him and say, ‘well, I didn’t know you knew what you were talking about’. Then, he hits me with this…. ‘Mom, I’ve been living for 6 years. I know what I’m talking about.’

I don’t know if an eye roll or hysterical laughter came next! Maybe it was a result of minor shock. My little man, who’s just barely out of toddler-hood, has become a full-blown teenager. Lol!

Have your kids ever said something just totally shocking, but super funny at the same time? I’d love to laugh with you and hear your stories!