Finding the Words…

The last few weeks have been very heavy. I’ve been trying to find the right space to write to you all and address my thoughts, but thought it best to just sit down and hit record instead…

Like I said in my video, if you can’t or are uncomfortable with participating in a protest, there are still other ways that you can help bring change. Research. Read. Talk. Listen. Petition. Donate. Social media is at our disposal. Just please, don’t sit back and do nothing.

Here are just a few links that will bring you to some petitions circulating right now:

Color of Change


We Can’t Breathe

Here is the link to a video on systemic racism that Viola Davis re-posted to her Instagram a few days ago – breaks it down extremely well: Systemic Racism Explained – but there is so much more information available on this, implicit bias, and the history of Black Americans. Research. Read.

Again, change is not going to come overnight. This is a marathon, not a sprint. But it’s a war that MUST be fought. The system has been broken for far too long.


It’s time for change.