It’s What???

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted about something silly my son has said, but he’s come through with another one right on time.

Like any boy, my son loves video games. But I’ve been trying to think outside the box a little, and find screen-free things that he would be excited about doing. One thing he’s really taken to is working with unfinished wood. His most recent build was a race car. Nothing fancy – just a simple kit with instructions and wood glue to hold everything together.

A few weeks after the car was assembled and the glue was dry, he was ready to paint. So, we set up a station, and he went to work. He has a big crayon set that his grandparents got him last year, and sometimes we laugh at some of the crazy names. I guess that inspired what happened next….

“Mom, what do purple and yellow make?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to mix it and see.”

“Hmmm, this looks like a bean. A red bean. It’s ‘beans and weenie red’!”

“It’s what???”

Needless to say, I will never look at the color red or beans and weenies the same way again, haha!!

Have your kids ever said or done something that just had you on the floor laughing? Let me know in the comments! We can always use a little more laughter in our lives!