He’s a what?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Hi guys! Ever heard the phrase ‘kids say the darndest things’? Y’all, my son is the walking epitome of this phrase. Every week, he says something that either raises my eyebrows or sends me into deep thought. The older he gets though, the more he keeps one thing in particular on repeat….

Manhood. Of all things – manhood.

And do you know what kicked this whole thing off? Losing his two front teeth late last year. And do you know what he still doesn’t have yet? His two front teeth. For some reason, my little baby boy has jumped from little boy to man because he lost his two front teeth. He still loves chicken nuggets, still loves Thomas the train and Curious George, and still asks me to tuck him in every night. But now, in between all of that, he also loves to say, ‘Mom, I’m a man now’.

Apparently, telling him that he’s a ‘man in training’ but still a little boy wasn’t well received. He says he’s not ready to get a job or to get up early and do boring things and refuses to pay bills. I will say though that he constantly asks to help me whenever I’m cleaning the house. He actually gets pretty upset when I tell him I can do it by myself or that there’s certain cleaners I don’t want him to touch. So, I’ll give him that. He’s a very good helper.

I just wouldn’t say he’s a man. Not yet. 🙂