The Glamour of Motherhood

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I learned that February 13th is Black Love Day (pretty cool!), so I ended up calling that weekend ‘Love Weekend’. It’s another intentional reminder to show love to family, friends and yourself. I try to take a few self-care moments every week and started Valentine’s Sunday with a face mask per my usual early Sunday morning routine. I’ve made a tradition of giving a valentine to my son every year and really enjoyed watching him open this year’s card and gift. We treated ourselves to Red Lobster later in the day (via curbside pickup, of course), and I even got a good workout in. Then, just when we were settling in for the night, it happened…

Later that night, my son went to the bathroom. Then shortly after, he called me, opened the door and stood in the doorway with a sort of shocked look on his face. For a few seconds, he just stood there. Then, he very seriously told me that I needed to come to the bathroom. Now, I have no idea what I’m about to walk into, but I’m expecting it’s something that’s not as bad as he thinks it is or he’s trying to play a joke on me. It’s not very often that little man has such a somber look on his face though, so I’m thinking it’s not a joke. When I got to the bathroom, he tells me that he saw something in the toilet and that I need to look. Doesn’t sound weird at all, does it? I was expecting that maybe he opened the toilet lid, saw a big bug, and was about to ask if he could flush it or something like that. But oh no… This was no bug.

Not only had he already used the bathroom (I won’t tell you if it was number 1 or 2 – use your imagination), but ‘somehow’ a hair comb fell in the toilet after he used it. A comb! FELL IN! And guess what kiddos do when something falls in the toilet? AFTER they’ve used the toilet. C’mon, don’t be shy. Give me your best guess.

Yup! “Mom!!!”

Mommy to the rescue to fish the comb out of the toilet. A used toilet. On Valentine’s Day. And it was undeniably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever done.

I think someone should write a book about all of the things Moms really have to do. Being a Mom is about raising respectable men and women, kissing boo-boo’s and wiping tears, giving hugs and encouragement, baking cookies and making hot chocolate, and sharing unconditional love – among so many other things. There are absolutely wonderful things about being a Mom.

But it can be a dirty job sometimes too.