Home Decor On A Budget: Refreshing My Master Bathroom and Kitchen Coffee Bar

I’ve been working on some home decor updates and can officially say that I’m a plant mom. 🙂 Well, faux plant mom. I’ve been wanting to bring some greenery into my home for a long time, and I’ve finally found some that I really love. I’m excited to see how my home evolves once everything is in place. I found this little gem from the Hilton Carter Collection during a recent trip to Target – screams #budgetfriendly at only $10 but is incredibly great quality. I promise you’d never know it was artificial if I didn’t tell you.

I picked up two and decided to place one in my kitchen coffee bar and one in my master bathroom.

There’s still more that I need to do to make my coffee bar come together but just the area being clean with a pop of color is enough for me right now. I think I’ll finally get a k-cup carousel or some other sort of pod storage solution soon to help style the area and clear the boxes of pods out of my pantry. As for the bathroom, I think this area needs some art work or maybe a floating shelf to make it come together. If I go with floating shelves, I’m leaning toward either a gray wash or dark walnut stain. My Pinterest inspiration pics are here.

My goal is to spend less than $125 total to refresh both areas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good quality items and to make a big impact in your spaces.

I’ll be posting full before and afters on my Instagram, so make sure you’re following me there if you’d like to see how it all comes together!

Are you working on any decor updates? What’s been your biggest decorating challenge so far?