My Best Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

photo of a clean master bathroom with white cabinets, brown-toned countertop, and double-sinks
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Today, I’m taking you along as I clean my master bathroom. It may look like a deep clean, but this is the standard routine I try to stick to every week. It takes me about 20 – 30 minutes to get through, so it doesn’t take very long at all for the results that it gives. Click the graphic below to see the full clean with me video or keep reading for the full tips.

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Before you start cleaning any area of your home, my number one tip is to look around and see what else you can set and forget. It could be loading the dishwasher or starting a load of laundry – something that’s going to clean on autopilot while you clean something else. This is an easy way to be a little intentional and make the most of your time.

Whenever I clean my bathroom, I like to clean from top to bottom. I start with my mirrors then work my way down to the floor. I use a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner for the mirrors.

Before cleaning the sink and countertops, I like to clear everything away first. I find that I can clean easier and faster when everything is out of the way. I use an all-purpose spray for the sink and faucet. Since my countertops are granite, I use a cleaner specifically for granite for that. Both are cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Afterwards, I also use a microfiber cloth to wipe my items off as I place them back on the counter. There’s usually a little soap, toothpaste, or hair product splatter that needs to be cleaned off.

I also use a microfiber cloth to clean my cabinet and pulls. The cabinet is painted solid wood, but I do prefer to use a wood cleaner. I don’t clean my cabinet every week but do like to wipe it down at least once a month.

I’ve been loving plant-based cleaners as my tub and tile cleaners. My all-purpose, granite, and wood cleaners are also plant-based. They’re non-toxic, have a much more pleasant scent than chemical-based cleaners, and clean just as well if not better. I use a small scrub brush to clean my shower tile and a microfiber cloth to clean the shower head and handle.

multicolored microfiber cleaning cloths folding in a cascading stack
Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

The beauty of microfiber cloths is that they are reusable. You can wash them in a hot water or a sanitize cycle in your washing machine and be all set to use them to clean again. But for the toilet, the only reusable thing I use to clean it is the toilet brush. I wipe the complete outside of the toilet, including the base where dust likes to collect, either with an antimicrobial spray and paper towels or disinfecting wipes like a Clorox or Lysol wipe. I use a disinfecting cleaner and toilet brush to clean the bowl.

Since my bathroom footprints are so small, I find it easier to just use a microfiber cloth to clean the floors. Dirt and debris get trapped in the cloth, so there’s no need for me to sweep first. Also, being right at floor level makes it easier to get into the floor corners and around the toilet – really get the whole floor clean. I’ve been using an antimicrobial spray as my liquid, but I could just as easily use my tub and tile cleaner since I have tile floors, or even hot water and a little dish soap. I work my way from the shower to the bathroom door then let the floor dry. It only takes about 5 minutes since it doesn’t take much liquid at all to wipe it down.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to roll up your sleeves and tackle your bathrooms today. I promise, it’s not as daunting of a task when you take a little time to plan out your cleaning system first. I bet with some focus, you could get it done in 20 minutes or less.

Happy cleaning! 🙂

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