Taking a Sabbatical

Hi guys! You all know by now that having a healthy financial life is something that’s very important to me, but I’ve also been trying to stress the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing on my platforms as well. Those are even more important. I’ve been spending a lot of time pouring into my website and social media, but it’s been a tricky balance while also working what I call full-time plus (being a manager calls for some long days y’all). But above all else, I’m called to take care of my family. Part of how I do that is by working and paying the bills, but an even bigger part is being present. When I’ve seen things were off-balance in the past, I’d take some time away from work – the day job – but it’s been a very long time since I’ve taken extended time away from my platforms. So, with that said, it’s time for a sabbatical. I’ll be taking some time off to focus on my family and just tending to being present there. Even though I’ll still be working my day job, I’ll be taking a break from creating content to focus on the people and things most valuable to me, and I’m really excited about it. For now, I’m planning to be away for at least 4 weeks. I have a ton of resources for you to pull from on my website, so I encourage you to look back and read or re-read those posts while I’m away. I hope you all are having an amazing September so far! Bye for now. ✌🏾