About Me

Hi guys, I’m Jan. Welcome to my blog! I’m all about living my life on purpose – life with intention. I’m a busy, working mom, so I need to make every moment count. I’ve been able to save for my son’s college fund, consistently put money away towards retirement, create and maintain a reasonable budget without sacrificing what we enjoy, and stay on a cleaning schedule that works for our busy lifestyle. I function better in a clean and organized space, so I’m constantly looking for good cleaning products and hacks, and I love a good organizational challenge. I manage a department of technical professionals by day, so maintaining healthy habits like clean eating, regular exercise, and protecting the soundness of my mental health are also very important to me. I gotta keep up with everything going on!

If any part of my life resonates with you, I invite you to subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for updates. I would love to have you part of the Intentional Squad!


Email: jan@janslife.org