Cash, Credit or Debit?

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Hi guys! I hope you’re having a great week so far. We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about building a good foundation for financial freedom. Today, I wanted to switch gears a little bit and talk about the actual act of spending. We all know the best way to be debt-free is not to get into debt in the first place, but is that really possible? Is it better to only use cash? For everything? Would debit cards be better? Are credit cards just a gateway to destruction? Let me tell you how I handle each one.

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Rainy Days

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Hi guys! OK, it’s been about three weeks since you’ve started tracking your expenses. You’ve had a little time to look at your current spending habits and see where your money is actually going. Is it what you expected? Are you totally surprised? Chances are, this exercise was eye-opening, even if just a little bit, but that was the point. For you to see exactly where you are. Now, let’s move on to the next step… building a little cushion.

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Financial Check-Up: Where are you now?

Financial Check-Up: Where are you now?
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Hi guys! To get a good foundation on our finances, we need to do one more important thing: a check-up. Yep, your finances need to have check-ups too. One thing that was very apparent in 2020 was that the vast majority of us were not in good financial health, and a lot of people are still feeling those affects. Incomes have changed, living situations have changed, and for many families, medical expenses have changed as well. I think most people genuinely want to get a good handle on their financial situations but just don’t know where to start.

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Where do you want to be?

Where do you want to be?
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Hi guys! One of the biggest lessons that I learned from 2020 is the importance of good financial planning. So many people found themselves in situations that they never thought they would. Losing their jobs not only meant losing their income. It meant losing their insurance, their homes, their vehicles, their freedom and more. I’ve heard it said a thousand and one times throughout the past year: one source of income is not enough. But what do you do if one source of income is all you have?

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Curbside Pickups: More Expensive or Save You Money?

Curbside Pickups: More Expensive or Save You Money?
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Hi guys! Aside from the ‘2020-like’ events that have happened so far this year, I hope 2021 is treating you well. Not too much has changed for me. I’m still teleworking and doing curbside pickup for the most part for groceries and other household items. This week though, I physically went into a few stores (with my mask on) to get my groceries. I didn’t spend too much money but afterwards, I realized that I did something that I hadn’t done in a very long time.

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Cash Flow Christmas

Cash Flow Christmas
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Hi guys! I want to take you back to a Christmas past. I was eagerly trying to finish my shopping early and find all of the perfect gifts for my loved ones. I wanted money to be no object, so if I found something that looked like the perfect gift, I bought it. My only plan was to just pay my credit off after all my shopping was done. No budget. No limit. Just shop and pay the bill later. Now, I want to make sure I’m very clear with my next statement here….

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