Favorite Halloween Movies! Family-Friendly Fall Movies

Credit: Jan’s Life, LLC

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. There is no time like Fall! My son and I have been having a great time at the local fall festival, picking out pumpkins, and watching all of our favorite halloween movies. Now, I do enjoy watching thrillers during the month of October (without little man – gotta protect those little eyes), but I also have a pretty good arsenal of family-friendly movies that my son and I both enjoy and watch together every year to welcome the fall season. I am so fond of this tradition. It’s a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together. We make some homemade popcorn or bake cookies or making smores. Then, we settle into a cozy spot in the living room to watch our movies.

Here are my top 10 family-friendly movie recommendations for the month of October (whether or not you celebrate halloween 😉) :

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FALLing in Love: DIY Tea Latte Recipe

Photo by Vincent Yeung on Pexels.com

Hi guys! Welcome back! Today, I wanted to share a few of the DIY drinks that I’ve been enjoying making at home lately. There’s been nothing quite like something homemade and cozy to give me all the fall vibes this season. To kick things off, let’s start with an easy (and delicious!) tea latte recipe.

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FALLing in Love: Celebrating Indoors!

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve spent WAYYYYY more time indoors than outdoors even with the launch of pumpkin patches, trick or treating, and fall festivals. My son and I didn’t go out for the trunk or treats or festivals today, so we’ve decided to do something different instead that’s just as much fun. We’re bringing the festivities inside!

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FALLing in Love

In case you didn’t know, Fall is THE best season of the year. May just be my opinion, but I like to believe I’m right about this 🙂 I love everything about Fall – the temperature starting to drop, the crisp air, the warm cozy vibes that fill every day. This year, I’ve even started searching for more home decor to really set the mood.

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