What I’m Reading: Summer 2021

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Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may remember that I took on a reading challenge at the beginning of this year. I’ve never really been in a book club before, and I’ve never been told, ‘hey, you need to read more’, or anything like that. But it was something that I wanted to accomplish for myself. I completed a leadership program in 2019, and there was a lot of reading involved, more than I’d done in a long time. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I was almost looking forward to hearing what the next selection was. It was also then that I learned the type of genres and writing styles that I really liked to read. So, I started buying more books and got more as gifts over the next year and half, but as it tends to do, life happened and I didn’t make time to read. So, at the start of 2021, I made it a goal to start reading at least one book per month.

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Minimalist Coffee Bar Décor

Hi guys! I’m keeping it light, short, and sweet this week with the final tour of my completed coffee bar update. I decided to keep it minimal and clean and still very functional. It’s a coffee and a tea bar for me since I drink both – perfect for this little nook in my kitchen. Photos and links to everything I purchased are below, along with a link to a video of the full tour. This update cost me about $75 with the tea organizer being the most expensive item (but so worth it!). Click the photo or the caption linked under it to see the tour!

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Early Mortgage Payoff: How it Actually Works

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Hi guys! If you don’t have the means to pay cash for a home, then you’re likely either renting or taking out a mortgage loan to fund a purchase. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a mortgage. It’s how most of us were able to get into homeownership. The costs can be high though. There’s the actual down payment that needs to be saved upfront on top of the closing costs required to get the loan. Then, there’s the monthly payment itself (principal and interest) and your carrying costs (insurance, property taxes, maintenance, etc.). Depending on the type of loan that you get, these payments can be with you for a long time – a VERY long time. A common mortgage loan period is a 30-year repayment. Now, I don’t have the expertise to walk you through the various types of loans in detail, but I do know a thing or two about cutting away at that repayment period. There are ways to pay your mortgage off early, and they’re not as complicated as you may think.

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Positive Daily Affirmations

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Hi guys! One of the things that’s been heavy on me for the last few months in particular is how I’ve been speaking. Now, I don’t mean that I’ve been having trouble talking or struggling to find the right words. The words have been there, but they’ve been sort of negative – especially the words that I say about myself. I have dreams and different goals that I want to reach, but what I’d been letting come out of my mouth didn’t line up with my dreams at all. I would mess up then put myself down. I would get overwhelmed then say it was because I wasn’t capable of doing the work. No looking on the bright side, no finding silver linings – just allowing negativity to flow. Well, it’s way past time for all of that to change.

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