Minimalist Coffee Bar Décor

Hi guys! I’m keeping it light, short, and sweet this week with the final tour of my completed coffee bar update. I decided to keep it minimal and clean and still very functional. It’s a coffee and a tea bar for me since I drink both – perfect for this little nook in my kitchen. Photos and links to everything I purchased are below, along with a link to a video of the full tour. This update cost me about $75 with the tea organizer being the most expensive item (but so worth it!). Click the photo or the caption linked under it to see the tour!

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Home Decor On A Budget: Refreshing My Master Bathroom and Kitchen Coffee Bar

I’ve been working on some home decor updates and can officially say that I’m a plant mom. 🙂 Well, faux plant mom. I’ve been wanting to bring some greenery into my home for a long time, and I’ve finally found some that I really love. I’m excited to see how my home evolves once everything is in place. I found this little gem from the Hilton Carter Collection during a recent trip to Target – screams #budgetfriendly at only $10 but is incredibly great quality. I promise you’d never know it was artificial if I didn’t tell you.

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