Baby Teeth!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to drop in and share a quick little note (I’m interested to know if some of you can relate). My darling baby boy has just started to lose his baby teeth. But as soon as the first tooth came out, it was like he jumped from being a little boy to being a little man… well, excuse me, young man… he doesn’t really like to be called little anything anymore 😑.

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Toast It!

Hey Everyone! So, my 6 year old son decided to question me in a new way the other day, and I just had to share. I had just finished making him breakfast, but wasn’t very hungry myself. So, I just made myself some toast and drizzled honey on top. My son gets up from the table, and asked what I was doing.

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But… He’s 3?

Screenshot_2016-07-30-18-04-13-1Hi guys!  It’s been a LONG time.  Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted.  Life has gotten super busy, but I’m back and trying to get back on schedule. One thing that has ramped up in my life is my son’s strong personality.  He was pretty chill the first few years of his young life, but then….he turned 3 years old….and for some reason, his “terrible-two’s” arrived a year late.  It was like a switched turned one day that made him super stubborn, very loud, and think naptime is a bad idea (which breaks my heart…I love naptime).   My little sweet guy was becoming a whining, screaming, pint-sized dictator with a constant need to tell me his opinion. Continue reading “But… He’s 3?”